The Negaunee Nets basketball program provides an opportunity for players of all abilities to develop their overall basketball game and increase self confidence by creating an environment where they can learn, grow, improve individual skills, develop character and compete.  This is accomplished through skill development during practice sessions and execution during games. Our program believes that winning is positive, but only when it can be done in harmony with the welfare and interest of each individual player. Each player will be encouraged to develop characteristics that promote the team concept. Players, coaches, and parents must realize that coaching is teaching and that perfection is not possible.

The goal of the the Nets program is to provide a quality, well organized, basketball program for young girls.  The Focus will be on player development and the enjoyment of the game.  Our Coaches will offer advanced instruction in basketball fundamentals and team play concepts.

Good sportsmanship is a requirement and must be demonstrated at all times by players, coaches, parents, and spectators.

The Negaunee Nets basketball program is intended to provide opportunities and support the ongoing participation in the game of basketball. We will establish an environment where learning the fundamentals of the game will be stressed at each level of the program.